How can the attendees check-in to the Myia event

Anyone can install the mobile app Myia from the app stores (Apple AppStore of Google Play). However, you can allow only real event attendees to access the event in the app. There are 2 options how to make it – you give the attendees an access code or they connect to the event Wi-Fi in the venue.

Connection with the access code

The easiest way how the attendees can connect to the Myia event is to use the QR code, that you find in the Myia.Events Web application, see Section Connection to the event.

Connection with the event Wi-Fi

This possibility is included in the Congress pricing tier of Myia. If you choose this option, we will link the event created in Myia.Events with  your Wi-Fi at the event venue. The event attendees must have a mobile device with Myia mobile app installed on it and connect the device to this Wi-Fi. After they start the mobile app, it will connect to your event. Whoever uses this Wi-Fi can connect to your event with Myia.

This option is applicable only at the venues with professional Wi-Fi infrastructure with sufficient bandwidth to the internet. The Wi-Fi must be also able to handle enough devices connected at the same time. Typically, most of your attendees connect several devices (smartphone, laptop) to the Wi-Fi, stream videos, etc., which creates high load for the Wi-Fi.

If you are interested in this option, contact us anytime at or use the online chat window at the bottom right corner on this screen.