Connection to the event

The attendees connect their Myia mobile apps to your event by scanning the QR code that you have provided them.

You download this QR code from the Access Code section in Myia.Events web app. This code is unique for your event. It allows your attendees to connect to the event during its duration that you have specified when have you created the event. The mobile application Myia stays connected during the whole duration of the event until the attendees explicitly disconnect.

You can print the QR code on attendee badges, display it in the venue, send it to the attendees in an e-mail before the event starts, etc.

The QR code contains an address that the mobile apps connect to. The same address is also stated in the Access Code section. If you enter this address to a browser on a device with the Myia app installed, it will get connected to the event the same way as if you scanned the QR code. This is useful for devices that do not have a camera for scanning the QR code.


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