How to share an event within a team of organizers

You might need to split the organization tasks to several colleagues – somebody updates the event schedule in Myia, somebody else prepares content for the shared message board, somebody else adds photos and somebody else takes care of attendee questions.

You can enable the other team members to access your event in Myia.Events by entering their e-mail addresses in the Settings section. The application will send them invitations with a link to your event. All team members will have the same permissions to modify the event, to invite other organizers or to delete some members from the team. You can learn more in chapter Event Administrators.

You can create a different team for each event.

If you use Myia often and you have a stable team that always needs an access to the prepared events, we can create an Organization for you. Organization is a group of accounts in Myia.Events that automatically share all events that anybody from the organization creates. You can learn more about the Organizations in chapter Organization.