How to use Myia during the event

Myia allows you to communicate with the event attendees and provide them with news and useful information. During the event, you can:

  • Post messages on the shared message board
  • Collect audience questions
  • React on requests and comments
  • Display the content of the message board on a screen
  • Make polls
  • Moderate the message board (modify/delete inappropriate posts)

Posts on the shared message board

Post news and useful information on the message board during the event:

Introduce the speakers – prepare short profiles with photos of the speakers. Before they enter the stage, post the introduction to the message board and inform the attendees who is going to talk.

Reminders about exhibitors, sponsors, partners – inform the attendees what is happening right now, remind them about presentations of partners, invite them to the exhibition booths of the sponsors, etc. This is especially important if the venue consists of several areas or if something takes place in front of the venue.

Photos – refresh the message board with pictures of the attendees and with photos from presentations. The attendees will appreciate them with likes and comments. They might even share them on social networks.

Latest organization changes – announce changes in the program, remind them that the coffee break ends in 5 minutes, offer a refreshment, publish lost & found.

Try to prepare as much as you can in the Prepared Messages section. Prepare you messages for various alternatives. You do not have to use everything but it is good to be prepared.


Questions to the speakers

If you allow the attendees to post messages on the shared message board (see page Functions available to the event attendees) they can use Myia to post their questions to the speakers on the message board. You should follow the content on the message board, choose the most interesting questions and pass them to the speaker during the Q&A section. You can also display the questions on the main screen on the stage. More about it can be found at How to manage audience questions with Myia.

Requests and comments

Follow the messages posted by the attendees on the message board as well as the comments written below the messages. If they ask for something or comment the event organization, try to respond quickly.

Show the attendees that you are interested in their opinion.

Message board displayed on the projection screen

If it is possible for you, show the message board on screens in the lobby, on the stage, next to the stage, etc. This way you can show the attendees who haven’t used Myia yet that there is something interesting going on there. They might decide to connect as well. The more attendees use the app, the more valuable feedback you get, the more effective networking the attendees have and, hence, they will be more satisfied with the event.

During the event show the flow of the messages on the message board and select details of the most interesting messages, e.g., a detail of an ongoing poll or a chosen question while the speaker answers it.


In advance, prepare polls that are relevant to the event topic, to the venue location or to the focus of the attendees. The attendees can follow the progress of the polls that give them useful information and feedback.

You can show the progress of the poll on the screens in the venue. This typically increases the number of attendees who have participated in the poll.

You can find more details on page How to make a poll.

Moderation of the message board

Myia.Events allows you to edit and delete any message on the message board (see page Working with messages on the message board). You can remove inappropriate messages, messages posted by mistake, duplicate massages, etc.

When deleting a message, be careful that it is rather sensitive situation. The author of the deleted message can feel offended. If you delete an uncomfortable question, criticism of the organizer or of a speaker, disagreeable opinion, etc., it can trigger a strong reaction of the author of the deleted message.


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