How to manage audience questions with Myia

One of the most popular Myia use cases is letting the audience ask questions with the app. It saves you from passing the microphone across the auditorium. Quite often people are shy to ask questions in public. Or they have a question during the presentation but they forget it until the Q&A section. This all can be solved with Myia.

  • Let the attendees post messages to the message board and tell them to send their questions during the whole event.
  • Sometimes they hesitate a bit at the beginning, so be prepared to post the first question yourself.
  • Follow likes/dislikes given to the questions. They help you select the most interesting question.
  • Check the comments on the questions, too. They could extend the questions. Consider them when answering the questions.
  • It would be great if you can show the chosen question on the screen in front of the audience.
  • Speakers are not able to follow what is happening in Myia during their presentation. The host or someone from the organizer team should select the questions from Myia and ask the speaker. Or they can display the selected question on the screen.
  • Do not display the message board on a screen in front of the audience during the presentations. The audience might react on it which would be very distracting and confusing for the speaker.
  • If the speaker does not have time to answer all questions asked in Myia, the attendees will appreciate if you answer them by writing comments to Myia.


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