User profile

In the User Profile section, you select what personal information will the event attendees share with the others. The application provides 2 types of user profiles:

Basic – this is a simple user profile that contains only a nick name and optional profile photo. The attendees have to fill the profile information only if they want to send a message to the app. The content of the message wall is available to everyone even without the profile.

Extended – the extended profile contains the first name, the last name, the optional e-mail address and the company (or project). The e-mail address is not shared with the other attendees. It is available only to the event organizer in the data export.

If the extended profile is used, the attendees must fill it right after connecting to the event. They cannot access the shared message board without filling the profile.

The extended profile is recommended for the events where networking and meeting other attendees is essential.

: If you prefer to add some other fields to the user profile, (e.g., title, profession, etc.), please contact us.


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