How to prepare for the event

Before the event starts or before you distribute the connection code to the attendees, prepare all the information that the attendees should receive once they connect. Try to avoid the situation when the first attendees connect to the app while the message wall is still empty and there is still nobody else connected. They would not feel well.

  • Prepare the initial screen, for example, with the event agenda.
  • Post one or two messages on the message board – welcome the attendees, invite them for a breakfast, suggest what to see before it starts, etc. Publish the first poll that the attendees would be interested in – where they come from, what fields are they working in, did they already attend the event in previous years?
  • Ask your team to connect to the Myia event so that the first attendees would not feel alone there. If the attendees need help, they can already contact your team.
  • Use the Myia.Events web app for management of the event and for posting new messages under the name of the event organizer. However, it helps if members of the organizer team connect to Myia under their own names with their smart phones. The participants can send them direct messages, they receive notifications if a new message appears on the message board, etc.

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