How to create a mobile app for your event

You can create a mobile app for your event in 10 minutes with Myia.Events. It is easy:

  • Create an event in the Myia.Events web app and configure how it should look like on mobile phones. Setup which features you want to provide to the attendees.
  • Generate an access code that the attendees will use to connect to the event.
  • Inform the attendees how to install the Myia mobile app and how to connect to your event.


Here is how to do it step by step:

  1. Sign up and sign in to Myia.Events.
  2. Create a new event in the application.
  3. Select the type of messages that you allow the participants to post on the shared message board.
  4. Create the initial screen of the app with your own design
  5. Select fields of the participant profile – this is information the attendees must fill to access the event.
  6. Setup name and profile picture of the account that you will use to publish messages from the Myia.Events web App.
  7. Prepare messages, ratings and votes that you will post to the app during the event.
  8. Test and check everything in advance.
  9. Download the QR code that the participants can scan with the app to connect to your event.

It is simple. The preset values satisfy majority of cases. However, Myia.Events web app allows you to customize everything according to your need.


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